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>BLEACH is dead!
>Manga was cancelled!
>Kubo will never get to work again!
>Kubo is considered a joke in the industry!
5 years later
>Anime returns
>Spin off(with Togashi schedule)
>New manga arc very likely
>Multiple new gen mangaka talking about how Kubo influenced them
How can /a/ be wrong about so many things?
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Girls who were robbed of their deserved win by beta authors

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I'll start.
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Are there any manga you find emotionally challanging to read? Or in other words, simply too depressing.
Pic related for me personally, it just hits too close to home.
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Why would Demonslayer Copy Bleach?

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>A Hollow who Turns Humans into Hollows
>Kidnapped a girl
>Has an army full of jobbers
>Jobbed to MC because he thought MC was weak.
>A demon who turns Humans into demons
>Kidnapped a girl
>Has an army full of jobbers
>Jobbed to MC because he thought MC was weak.

Why would Gotouge do this?

One Piece

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Bon Clay will return
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Boku no Hero Academia

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the traitor is bad only because he is forced to do so

is Hori really trying?
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Saki: Tanoshii

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Raw leaks for Saki chapter 238 in 12/3 Young Gangan.
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kengan omega

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I don't think I can properly put into words just how shit this fight was
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Tropical-Rouge! Precure

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What do you expect from Sango's upcoming episode?

I hope we get to see more from Sango's perspective.
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World Trigger

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The next couple chapters of World Trigger will be out soon. Will Mizukami's gambit of acting solo pay off?
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