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So you're telling me Ritsu's the boss?
I didn't vote for her!
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Honzuki no Gekokujou / Ascendance of a Bookworm

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Have you become literate yet? Spoilers below because I want to talk about Volume 9 of the LN.

I didn't really like how Myne was the adult in the room throughout this volume. Everyone just listens to the 5 year old looking 8 year old as if she has valid advice to give to archdukes and Ferdinand. It's kind of silly to have her show off to Wilfried's tutors like that, too.
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Worst anime of all time

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1. Kaguya-sama
2. Re:zero
3. Konosuba
4. Oregairu
5. K-on
6. Uzaki-chan
7. Haruhi
8. Oreimo
9. Machikado mazoku
10. VEG
11. Kill la kill
12. Lucky star
13. Monogatari
14. Evangelion
15. Code geass
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Made in Abyss Dawn of The Deep Soul

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Stream unlocks in 14 hours. Torrents later, are you excited to finally watch this movie? Did you watch he camrip or waited?
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Learn the fucking difference.
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Shingeki no Kyojin

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>Magath says Reiner will be Helos and stop the Rumbling
>Reiner immediately gets curbstomped and Eren starts the Rumbling
>Helos never mentioned again
>Reiner spends the next year struggling to keep up with Pieck and Connie for screentime
>Arminwank off the charts atm, even Reiner is wanking him
>Armin gets a gf, and it was Reiner's only plausible potential gf
>Armin vs. Eren getting all of the build right now

Poor Reinerbros, they really bet on the wrong pony.
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Was Itachi being a “good brother and a patriotic citizen” a massive retcon?
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Toriko Storytime: Volume 16

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Remember Toriko? Well, it's good. Let's read it!

Last time: Komatsu's lost, afraid and alone. Toriko and the magic man who casts powerful protective and clairvoyant spells must traverse the underground palace known as the Gourmet Pyramid to save their endangered chef!

Volume 1: >>208130873
Volume 2: >>208237612
Volume 3: >>208286892
Volume 4: >>208333220
Volume 5: >>208386065
Volume 6: >>208433843
Volume 7: >>208477474
Volume 8: >>208527101
Volume 9: >>208573360
Volume 10: >>208620370
Volume 11: >>208664330
Volume 12: >>208709342
Volume 13: >>208751801
Volume 14: >>208793834
Volume 15: >>208842617
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Hunter x Hunter

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Will there be a Gyro arc?
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