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Why don't people like ferrets as pets?
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Why do white people feel as though it's ok to have animals/pets inside the house (that aren't in some sort of tank/enclosure)

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>Owner has pet deer.
>Owner lets deer to run around in the woods, during open >season.
>17 year old hunter legally shot the animal.
>Owner gets his pet killed
>The hunter is getting death treats now.
Deer fags will never learn.
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glorified duck

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why do only bugs and sea creatures have more than 4 limbs? Why don't we have any 6 or 8 legged mammals?
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Who would win???
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hello human

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can i eat u
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Why does 4chan hate monkeys? memes like uh oh stinky and sopa de macaco are evident of this
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Can we have a thread for everything rodent related?