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Haruhi Time!
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Cute Waifu Thread

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Hey there, /c/itizens!

I'd like to suggest we start up a cute waifu thread and post images of each other's waifus while admiring and discussing one another's taste.
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Cute Waifu Images

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Hey there, /c/.

I'd like to start up a thread filled with cute images of our waifus doing whatever it may be!

So here goes!

[spoiler:lit]Requests are kind-of open, please be gentle.[/spoiler:lit]

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Musashi's Vice Chancellor need's some love
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Yui Hirasawa XXII

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Two and two, it's 22! Sit back, relax and enjoy the adorable that is Yui Hirasawa!

Old thread: >>2018386
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Ui Hirasawa

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New thread for Ui
Old One: >>1890170
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can we get some lovely girls wearing mainly white clothes?
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No Horo thread?