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This could have been a good successful series airing now if they hadn't make them dykes instead of sexy straight girls looking only for dicks.

Tad Danger: Substitute Ranger Annual Story Time. Chapters 5-8

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I've been working on a little webcomic for the past couple of years, and yesterday was it's 2nd birthday.
I story timed the first several chapters last year, so I figured I'd continue with my progress this year.
I'm going to start at chapter 5, since that is where I left off last year. (that and I've exceeded 300 pages, so if I start at square one, it will take like 8 hours.)
Please feel free to give feedback, and/or shit talk my art.
You can read the whole thing here: https://tapas.io/series/Tad-Danger-Substitute-Ranger/info
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Toonami General #1

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How do we make romance stories not feel awkward and not like a total circlejerk? For that matter how do we make specism & racism feel good beyond "they're main characters with powers and then the loser supporting characters with no powers" ?
also how do we make the audience cheer for a scammer, bully, bad guy like Ed Edd Eddy, Dick Dastardly, Dan Vs. etc.?
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Why was he right again?
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Do you like the nuclear family of Superman?

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Is Lois a better character now that she's a mom?
Was Jon Kent a good character when he was a kid?
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It’s honestly not fucking fair and it feels even just mean how they treated Finn

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Like literally every other protagonist gets to have a gf or a bf but Finn. And it honestly just feels completely spiteful against Finn that after all his heroism he doesn’t get a girlfriend or a wife or a family of his own. Because like every other protagonist got to be with someone Korra got to be with Adami, Adora got to be with Catra, Steven got to be with Connie, Star got to be with Marco, Jack got to be with Ashi in that video game but for some reason all those people get to be in a relationship but Finn doesn’t and he’s like way more heroic than any of them.
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Would you buy the book?

Who else should join?
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Infinity Train

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Overall, did you like Infinity Train?
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Emmy the Robot - Official Comic

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Good morning everybody! New comic this weekend as usual and we finally get to see a bit of a closer look at the Flagg family! Been a long time coming but it's nice to see Franny get a bit of the spotlight this weekend, no?
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