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Do we know if any one from the industry goes on /co/? Alot of game devs go on /v/ and certain people from studio trigger aperently go on /a/ but do we have any /co/mrades in the industry?
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Do you like Miko?
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>"Things didn't just work out, But I should have realized: you're White"
Okay, This was funny, But Todd did work his ass off in a bunch of episodes before this, It's not fair to call Todd lazy
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She's the kind of super hero I can worship
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ITT: Jucika
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Planning to watch, /co/?
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I'm not saying that Smurfs: The Lost Village was perfect or anything, but Jesus Christ, it may be the biggest upgrade I've seen in anything /co/ related.

Who the fuck was even the target audience of the first two Smurfs movies? How the fuck did whole teams of artists look at the grotesque blue abominations they'd created and go "yeah, this is what people want to see. Every pore on Papa Smurf's nose, rendered in excruciating detail"?

Lost Village may not have been terribly clever, but fucking hell, it didn't rape my eyes. And hey, girl smurfs.

Snowflake Obsidian

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Was he the first non-human male gem?
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Marvel Studios is eyeing Adam Driver for Doctor Doom in the MCU

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youtube will end at 12 tonight.
think it'll happen?
should i delete my shit vids to avoid $40K fine on each vid?
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