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Apparently I need a bunch of essential vitamins and other shit:
>Vitamin A, B, C, D, E
>Amino acids
>Electrolytes: calcium, magnesium, potassium, and salt
>Folic acid
>Vitamin K1
>Vitamin K2

What the fuck??? How the hell has humanity even survived for this long when we can't even today figure out what the proper diet is? Also are vitamin supplements bullshit? Can I even get all of this shit from real food anymore in the USA? Is the Japanese diet the best?
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Most Important Topics

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•"Bulking vs. Cutting": Muscles, obviously, aren't made from "calories", but specific nutrients and timing.
•Cancer and tangle-diseases are already preventable / curable.
•"Full fundamental nutrition" is a rarity amongst diets, some 1%.
•Taking nutriments for cellular energy is an option: metabolites of glutathione, acetyl-CoA, NAD..
•Also: for neurochemicals -- L-DOPA (epinephrine and dopamine) and 5-HTP (melatonin and serotonin). "Antioxidants are neurotransmitter-protective." Powerful options are Croton lechleri and astaxanthin.
•Some drugs / supplements are really beneficial, and in unique ways. Nicotine; ashwagandha; caffeine (which, not even amphetamine having been documented with, is associated with increased testosterone, at a least near intense physical activity)..
•Fasting is surpassed by nutrient availability and (insulinogenics) timing.
•Ketosis has correlations asserting a "repeatable, adulthood puberty" (though carbs are beneficial near physical intensity).
•[Many more].
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why lift if it's all about the juice?
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So how do I do more pullups?
It seems like without cheating I can never get past 16
Also dubs decides
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Is it wrong to catfish girls on Tinder?

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Basically I'm a genetic deadend, so all the gymmaxxing in the world won't make a difference when it comes to the ladies.
I made a fake Chad profile on Tinder and been drowning in girls. I've even set up a few dates and then stood them up at the last minute.
Is it wrong to do this? Sometimes I feel a little guilty, then I remember all the shallow bitches who have ignored me all my life and it feels right.
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It is a known fact that over developed legs that rub together when you run are gross. I'm banging hotties with my chicken legs and all girls love them.
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Okay /fit give me the rundown on milk. I see articles saying it's androgenic, estrogenic, okay but full fat is worse for boosting T, bla bla. Is it cringe or is GOMAD legit?

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Has a woman ever hit on you at the gym?
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Is it okay to cuddle with my cousin when she comes over to watch a movie about couple of times a week. Nothing sexual is happening. We're just spooning each other.
If it's not for her I would be so touch starved, bros.

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Are there any legitimate reasons why every man shouldn't start injecting testosterone once they hit 40? What negative side effects can you possibly have when you just maintain your prime age levels? Why isn't this commonplace with older men now?
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