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Penis enlargement

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I want to have a massive schlong for aesthetic purposes. If I am 15cm now how big can I expect to grow it? Also post your results.
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I physically cannot eat enough calories as i should, i tried to force myself and puked twice, but i do eat enough protein will i gain muscles? Or at least look shredded? Or am i working out for nothing?

Finasteride and Fertility

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My hairline has started thinning so I wanna hop on Finasteride.
I did a lot of research and the only thing that worries me is that studies show Finasteride decreases sperm count and semen volume.
Have any of you guys on Finasteride experienced anything like this? My hair is important, but my ability to father healthy kids is way more important.
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Guys take this shit seriously, I was in bed for 2 weeks, went to the gym twice this week and now I'm sick again and with 0 energy. It's gonna fuck up my gains and I don't want it to happen to you guys as well.
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Personality test

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Why do I only like black women since I started lifting.
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/fph/-Saturday night edition

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Am I going bald or just mature hairline?
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why do women do memeshit exercises?
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Autistic shit that motivates you

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>imagine im a manga character training while I lift
>act like im training for the final fight and that lifting gives me supernatural powers
>when i do hypertrophy sets I act like if I do just one more rep ill have the power to defy god
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