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My three year natural drug-free body transformation
6' 156lbs -> 198lbs
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/fit/ humor / humour

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It's humor thread time
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Is this a good /fit/ meal? Or should I just eat fruit loops or some shit.
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tfw you no longer lift to look good for girls
tfw now you focus on overall fitness, strength and conditioning for the upcoming collapse
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>get to gym
>see this

what do??
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How the FUCK am I supposed to go nofap if everytime I see a girl with a semi decent body on the street I get a boner? Am I supposed to just hold myself? How is that good for my health if I’m going insane looking at women all day on the internet because I just can’t help it
>play videogame
I start thinking about sex
>do some kind of work
I start thinking about sex
This gets me the most horny, I have to coom after every workout because I just can’t hold myself
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Respectable natty bench

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How much should I bench as 60kg(132lbs) natty male(manlet)?

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Amphetamines like speed and meth are actually really good for cutting, ngl
I lost like 20 kg in 3 months. Just by taking drugs on the weekend, eating absolutely nothing during these 2-3 days and dancing all night to techno.

It's the superior cutting technique.
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How do I learn to lift for myself and not to get a gf?
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Running general

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Old age edition. Will you be setting records at 96 anon?

>Jack Daniels running formula

Read the fellrnr page on stretching, there are differing opinions on stretching in general.

Run for 1km to 3km and use 'lunge matrix' and leg swings as base and modify for personal needs. Dynamic, ballistic and static is all possible. You don't want to overdo it though.

At least an hour after the run, do static stretches. Depends on personal needs. Also, replenish your electrolytes.
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