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>tfw can't stop eating fast food
>I've legit gained 30 lbs in 2 months
how are you supposed to stop eating fast food?
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*bangs you*

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based or cringe?
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Mire thread

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Post mires
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What do you do with the lads after the gym?
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What was the turning point moment in your life? What made you start to get fit?
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Is Vegeta on gear?
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What's wrong with roiding in moderation?
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>Hides he is on steroids and GH
>Looks down on natties for not putting a much gains
Stay classy roiders
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Welp, 11 months of bench pressing facepulls and rotator cuff exercises, then I bench wide grip for a week and my fucking right shoulder impinges
Can't rotate my shoulder back without a lot of pain
What do bros?
Can I even lift while I wait for this to heal?
How do I even cope?
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i think i fucked up

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i eat 180g of carbs (2.3cups of dry pasta) daily in less than an hour.
am i cucking myself? is this why im not gaining weight or all these carbs will be digested?