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>tfw lifting in home gym
>imagine I'm lifting in front of a German crowd in the year 1935
>sieg heil before lift
>make it every time
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>skinny milf at my work said I was fit
Im gonna be riding this high all week
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Imagination while Lifting

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Do you guys imagine doing shit while lifting?
For me I imagine myself as a Yakuza character doing a mini-game and I see the button prompts while doing pullups or bench pressing.
With running I just pretend that I'm pic related and I'm sprinting towards an enemy with a bat or a knife.

What does your imagination look like?
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How is this guy fit but still unattractive?
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What time do you work out?

I'm looking at changing from 8pm to a 6am workout. Any anons workout early?
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Fat skank with pcos here, trying to mull over my options on how to make my life better and I keep seeing Keto diets help reverse some of the symptoms of pcos. Any advice? Words of caution? Thoughts at all?
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Do girls like being bridal carried?

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Also, best exercises to get better at this move?
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worked out for 3 months

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still a virgin


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Should I just kill myself to escape bros? Pic related
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