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Confederate victory in the Battle of Antietam or Allied victory in Operation Market Garden

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Which one is more likely to result in a heavily pregnant Anne Frank?


Hamite theory

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is it true?

Are Somalis of white stock?

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Why were the Jews expelled so many times throughout history?
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What would have happened if Hitler somehow captured the 400,000 soldiers at dunkirk and gave the UK an ultimatum. If they don't surrender in the next 24 hours, he is going to have every single soldier executed.
People in the UK would be begging for peace, especially after the surrender of France. The UK government would have no choice but to surrender to avoid unrest and rioting.
Yes it would be a war crime, but he and the other Nazis were gonna be tried for war crimes if they lost the war anyway so they would have nothing to lose. Also, it would be the UK's choice if they have been executed.

The war could have ended right then and there.
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This makes me cry everytime i see it. Hitler was the only one trying to save us all from the horrors of bolshevism and the powerful elite despised him for it. He was wrongfully framed as a monster and had his country mercilessly invaded. An animals lover, patriot and artist driven to suicide because he spoke the truth. He was a true warrior, fighting for what was right. I cant hold back my tears, its so depressing.

How do i cope?
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Mark Felton

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Is this the most based youtube historian for /his/?
>Has phd in history
>Has made actual books
>Does not oversimplify or sugarcoat his videos
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Where does anti homosexuality come from?

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I can understand racism and it's causes, I can understand Sexism and it's causes, but the moments in history where homosexuality is repressed, especially male homosexuality don't really make sense to me outside of a religious, Abrahamic context.Why, is there some social advantage or is it a side effect of something else.
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Women has the same claim the throne in the Byzantine empire

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Holy fuck, you can see why the Byzzies were destined to fail. Allowing women in administration was a mistake, too much intrigues to run a functioning country
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Who was in the right here?
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