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Why do people in the West worship the Mainstream Press? They treat journalists like first class citizens, they earn a lot more than working class people and they are always free from any repercussions. Any attempt to hold journalists responsible for any obvious wrongdoing is met with accusations of being a supporter of dictatorships. They always seem to repetitively tell how they play an important role to democracy when they are one of the primary subverters and destroyers of democracy because of their ability to prevent the masses from forming individual thought.
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>religion still exists
do humans suffer from mass psychosis?
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You can't be christian and racist at the same time
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So, uh...what does the pope actually do? Like what's the point?
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What Phenotype Is This?

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What is his halpogroup, this his race and ethnicity. He doesn't look like any Spanish human I've ever seen but he claims to be an Hispanic.
I've never seen any person from a Romance country that looks anything like this, although oddly enough I've also never seen anyone from a Germanic or Slavic country which resembles anything like this phenotype.
So what is this mystery meat man made of??
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Why doesnt most maps include königsberg into the Swedish empire

While the ottomans get their great empire maps including vassal states

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What was the best era to be alive in the history of India? I mean the most prosperous times.

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are you worried about the future of humanity?
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Why didn’t the rabbis condemn jewish child sacrifice?

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Seems like it would have gone a long away if they worked with local and clerical authorities to stop the issue.
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was Rhodesia really a paradise lost?
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