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What are the political implications of Zionism?

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Historical pictures thread

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Zhou Enlai posing in front of an ROC flag.

It’s often easy to forget that many of the first-generation Old-school CPC leaders were originally part of the Kuomintang until Chiang screwed them over.
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Checkmate christcucks, soon we WILL resurrect in the distant future and there is NOTHING your sky daddy will do about it
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Do you feel pride or even arrogance because of the history of your culture compared to others?

Personally, I'm very glad I was born an Amhara. I wouldn't want to be any other African people. I would hate to be a Ghanaian, Zimbabwean, Sudanese or Somali.
For those reasons mainly :
>Didn't lose my dignity during colonialism, my country was a strong Empire that was able to fight against Italia, the modern successor of Rome.
Meanwhile the rest of Africa suffers from the shame of being weak and easily getting submitted by the white man
>Rich, long history. Considered one of the world's four great powers in the 3rd century by the Mani himself
My country has a rich history since antiquity and was recognized Greeks and Persians. Most of sub-Saharan Africa doesn't have such a long history. Sometimes their history might be rich in some ways but it's not as long and deep as mine. Thus I don't feel the shame a Ghanaian for example will feel when realizing that his country had no noteworthy history in the 3rd century
>Long tradition of Christianity
I look at other Africans sometimes, mostly my age, living in a diverse Western city I won't exactly pinpoint, and a lot are disillusioned with Christianity. They feel like their people lost their dignity when they converted to Christianity because it was forced upon them by the white man. Being Christian quite literally makes them feel like, some kind of religious slaves. They feel as if Christianity didn't truly represent their identity. So what do they do? They might :
1) go apeshit with the Hotep stuff
2) become athe*st
3) practice an ooga-booga pagan spirituality that's most likely just devil worshiping

But me, my culture has a long tradition of Christianity and Christianity is deeply tied to our identity. We were some of the first in the world to adopt Christianity before most white people actually.

Just some thoughts
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why did it fail?
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it's actually really easy to prove the holocaust happened. the census data shows a drop of over 5 gorillion jews worldwide between 1939 and 1947. deniers can't criticize the source either because they use the world almanac to supposedly prove there wasn't a drop by selectively picking the year before it was updated to reflect the drop because there hadn't been time for all the data to be submitted from around the world.

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Is there no bigger npc filter, than the phrase "don't judge the past by today's standards"?

When a person tells me that, they are essentially telling me that anything is morally good so long as the rest of the world agrees with you.

Any person with any true conviction in his heart would condemn people who he found were evil regardless of whether the world agrees with him or not.
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Only 144,000 people go to heaven

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Sign me up

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Neanderthals should have been the dominant species. I miss them so much, lads.
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