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Have you accepted that Ali is the final incarnation of God yet /his/?
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>Mormonism has almost been around for three hundred years
Did anything interesting happen in that time period? What does /his/ think about Mormons?
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Indo-european languages are mongoloid in origin.

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Controversy aside, is Mein Kampf a good book?
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>Hiro, are we the bad guys here?
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Why do some people still believe in god?
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In a communist society would women be whores? What would happen to onlyfans?
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/his/pill me on the Harlem Renaissance
Was it equal to the European Renaissance as is commonly taught to students? Also what to make of the most popular music attributed to the HR being composed by Jewish folx (e.g. Porgy & Bess, Strange Fruit)?
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>In April 1983 Shining Path militants responded to the death of Olegario Curitomay by entering the province of Huancasancos and the towns of Yanaccollpa, Ataccara, Llacchua, Muylacruz, and Lucanamarca, and killing 69 people. Of those killed by the Shining Path, eighteen were children, the youngest of whom was only six months old.
>the organization's use of violence is well documented. According to InSight Crime, Shining Path would kill their opponents "with assassinations, bombings, beheadings and massacres" as well as "stoning victims to death, or placing them in boiling water".
>The Shining Path rejected the concept of human rights.
why are communists such utterly repulsive life forms?
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Where do we draw the line between art and porn?
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