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Without them, humans at large would have almost 0 historical achievements.
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Is degenerate art degenerate?
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If Meds are non white (including the Levant), then Romans were non white. This is the ultimate dilemma for nordicks.
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What's his best book? Looking to buy something for my dad's birthday.


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If currently Greece were to win a war against Turkey and completely annex them, would they reform the Byzantium?
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Unemployement and underemployement is always high. As a matter of fact, There isn't any additional work to be done in the world. We already have everything everyone needs. Yet nobody is allowed to eat if they don't work.

No matter how much effort you put into college, you won't be guaranteed a position anywhere, and if you land in one, it won't be proportional to the amount of effort you made. In the end it's a waste of time and money. For those who offer positions that require overspecislization, it is best that they pick the students themselves and train them for the long run.

That said, what is one supposed to do? Just lie down, die and rot? What's the fucking point?
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Non blacks in the Ghana, Malian, and Songhai empires

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What ever happened to Arabs Berbers etc who lived in these African Empires and Kingdoms Niani the Capital of the Malian empire had Arab and Berber quarters in the city of 100k

Even the Hausa Kingdoms had berber and arab residents

How were they treated?

What was it like for them?
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Favorite Empire By Continent?

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Favorite empire by continent?
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Why have catholics done such a better job in winning over the 'internet culture' crowd than protestants have?
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