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How come fascists don’t make good art?
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Is there any advantage in history to being landlocked? It seems like a great disadvantage in almost every respect. Also,
>Poor Moldova
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Xianbei, Mongol, northern Han Chinese and Southern Han Chinese genetics

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Xianbei are closer to Evenki, Oroqen, Daur and Mongol in both autosomal and Y haplogroup chromosome DNA than they are to northern Han and southern Han Chinese. Northern Han and southern Han Chinese are more similar to each other than they are to Xianbei and northern ethnic minorities like Mongols and Tungusic Evenkis.

Sixteen sequences of the hypervariable segment I (HVS-I, 16039-16398) in mtDNA control region from ancient Tuoba Xianbei remains excavated from Qilang Mountain Cemetery were analyzed. In which, 13 haplotypes were found by 25 polymorphic sites. The haplotype diversity and nucleotide diversity were 0.98 and 0.0189, respectively, and the mean of nucleotide number differences was 6.25. Haplogroup analysis indicates these remains mainly belong to haplogroup C (31.25%) and D (43.75%). According to the published data were considered, we can suggest that the Tuoba Xianbei presented a close genetic affinity to Oroqen, Outer Mongolian and Ewenki populations, especially Oroqen.
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The Spanish empire was a backwards shithole and no amount of hispanista coping will change that, here's why
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Where did the “modern nuclear family” meme start?

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The nuclear family has existed since the Middle Ages in core Europe.
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Why don't Italians speak Latin? Why make up another language when they already had their own with a strong literary tradition and millions of speakers?
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Hagia Sofia becomes mosque

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T*rks just show the middle finger to christianity, how long until Russia invades them and the Constantinople back?
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Why is there so much anti-Japanese propaganda on the internet when it comes to the war? The Japanese military fought honourably and were defending their homes
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Why did he do it?
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Interested in Learning Chinese History

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What are the best books on Chinese history? (Ideally English-written survey books that capture each of the different dynasties and more recent communist governments.)
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