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Why do they love us so much? Don't they realize we absolutely love them back because they are our brothers?

/fr/ - le francofil du samedi soir

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Je suis mourant, mon homme
Ancien: >>135283682
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1.Your ethnicity
2.What ethnicity you wish you were

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Exyu lokal edicija
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leaving germany

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I hate this place so much

We are the most cucked nation in europe.
People here just blindly do what their rulers tell them, there is no thinking for themself.
In fact they will attack anyone who attacks the status quo like it was some sort of religion.
People here are complete fucking snobbs and think that people who have a different opinion are just more stupid then they are. They think americans are all retards because they elected trump, they can not possibly think that there is any other reason why he got elected other than american equals retards.
Germans think that they are completly woke on how the world works and that they need to educate others.

Germans are smart that they can solve complex math and build complicated, they probably have higher IQ than most other nations but when it comes to their own lifes and seing that someone takes advantage of themself, they are fucking retards. They can't think individually but instead have to get their opinion from someone who gives them some lines they can repeat over and over again.
If a leader makes a mistake, they attack those who attack the leader rather than the leader.

What's a good nation to move to?
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Queen Elizabeth is sent by the British Army to Japan to increases military pressure on China. Do you think WW3 will start?
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how true is this?
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Vaksine utgaven

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