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Why Japanese girls have no hair down there these days? I think it's shit Western influence
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/ita/ il filo

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edizione furente
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Which is more important, American or British English and why? Which should I focus on?
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vacation in israel

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what the fuck, israel

>Toward the beginning of the search an officer began clicking through the photos on my camera. She froze on a picture of graffiti, which read “Fuck” scrawled next to the Jewish star of David. “Why do you have this picture?” She asked me rather aggressively. “Because I was disturbed by it too,” I answered. She didn’t press the subject but continued clicking…presumably looking at pictures from a photo exhibit about Israel’s January attack of Gaza.
>Though I usually delete all my pictures when uploading, unluckily I had clicked save rather than delete when uploading this set and never got around to manually deleting on my camera. Whoops…
>Among other suspicious item; an Arabic phrasebook, a journal entry that mentioned a Palestinian(yes, they even flipped through my journal), stamps from Syria, Qatar and the UAE, Palestinians in Palestine guidebook, and a map a friend had drawn with a main street in Jerusalem, the central bus station and my intended hostel. “Who are you meeting there?” They asked me.

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/mena/ - Iraqi mawwal edition

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علموني على الجگاير و التتن
و بيّه يشرب لو خلص باكيته
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edycja właśnie strzeliłem kupę i jest w pytę
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Does anyone here seriously support china over US?

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If so, please state your age and whether you were medically diagnosed with some mental disease
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/cum/ - Canada, USA and Mexico

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Surprise Tom Brady edition
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Scott edition
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