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/deutsch/ apu wird eingeschläfert ausgabe

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Cute edition
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/ita/ - il filo

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Edizione: bellezze architettoniche
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4chan has completely polluted my way of thinking. Many people on this website promote the idea that certain races are inherently inferior to others and no amount of economic development will uplift them.

However if you look at the trends regarding which races were wealthier and more educated than others across history, you can notice that the current situation in which Whites and East Asians (except mainland Chinese) are superior to everyone else is something that arose only after the nineteenth century. The per capita GDP of India was slightly higher than that of Europe for most of the eighteenth century. Most pre-industrial scientific and technological advancements took place in South Asia and the Middle East, rather than in Europe.

Does this mean that there is possibility for the third world to catch up with the first world in terms of development sometime in the far future? I guess there's no point of asking people's opinion on this website because you've already made up your mind.

Egypt and Mesopotamia had literate civilisation thousands of years before much of Europe. Does this mean that we should disregard Europeans as inherently inferior to Middle Easterners? Why is there no possibility that in the far future the third world will catch up with the first world?
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>Fairies aren't real. Are you literally retarded?

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>uhh guys we have three snipers and four spies, can someone switch to medic?
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You owe us

Give us what we're owed or we take it from you

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An American hero edition

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kurva anyátok
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