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>AR-15 clone w/ mostly interchangeable parts
>Top-loading configuration
>Extended buffer tube for perpetual recoil
>Quick-change barrel system that can accept most commercial AR15 barrels
>Binary trigger comes stock
>Bipod comes stock

Bill it as a no-stamp civilian LMG.
Would it sell?
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10mm is the logical evolution of the 1911
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>a fucking .22
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Why doesn't CZ make a full-sized aluminum-framed 75?
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Glock fags on suicide watch. A fucking .22
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/bst/: Buy, Sell, Trade

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Didn't see one up so guess I'll start.
Looking for a Yugo capture Kar98K.
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>The Marine Corps stuffed GI Magazines in guns that were failing to prove the PMag is better when they put the PMag in a working gun

>The only cause of Magazine failures is trying to save money by keeping old worn out and damaged magazines instead of replacing them.

>The Marines bought fewer Pmags than they could buy GI or EPM mags since fagpul has a monopoly and can charge more.

>They also had to waste millions on new kit that could have been spent on new magazines because the Mags take up more space.

The Marines are gonna start having an epidemic of magazine failures like it's Vietnam.
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Best option for a pistol build?

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Thinking of getting started on a PSA pistol build. Currently hovering between a 10.5" 5.56 and a 8.5" 300 memeout. I already have a ton of 5.56 magazines and ammo so I kind of want to go that way but would like to hear /k/'s experience with pistol builds first.
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Who was the best general in WW2?
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