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I have a Sig 226, pic is a norinco NP22 that I rented at my local shooting range. The Norinco is much better, it handles better no very good reloaded ammo, is more reliable, can shoot well with dirt inside and the grip feels better.
What are other guns where the copy is better than the original?
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what are you some good video games that prepare you for weapon tactics and fire fighting? I feel like flat range training is pretty limited. Airsoft is pretty good but its the same field over and over again.
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/akg/ AK General

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AK General /akg/
AO-63 Edition
>Thread #1398

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What makes an SF soldier better than a regular soldier? In a 1 on 1 fight with a rifle would the SF have a better chance of winning or do their skills mostly give them an edge in squad based fighting?
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What's your edc knife today? I'm carrying my spyderco endura fully serrated
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Canada General

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Newfren here? Want a firearms license? Read this:
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/arg/ - assault retards general

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post armasault rifles
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Handgun General - /hgg/ - #582

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Commie shill edition
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Aslo i need a new plate, where to find
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>the rounds were legit

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I love it

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This is what peak self defense looks like and there is nothing you can do to change that.
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