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Handgun General /hg/ #489

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Planes as Girls

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What would planes look like as girls?
>shortstack tomboy with great legs
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Uruguay is a bitch about guns restrictions

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>is ilegal buy auto,semi, burst rifles-smg-pistols and shotguns
>only the army and cops can have those weapons
>these laws were made by the same commies in the 60-70 that killed 150 inocent people and cops with AKs, explosives and automátic weapons

>also this guys legalize the marihuana,

Dude i just want a 44. or a 357.

Man i dont want guns laws like the usa, but this is very retarded, most part of the country has revolvers like a jhon wayne movie, so the magnums are already sold

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Will slug throwers be outclassed in the foreseeable/distant future? What comes next?
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spiral into madness

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According to the memoirs of Nikita Khrushchev, the Soviet leader and his defense minister, Rodion Malinovsky, were walking on a Black Sea beach in April 1962 when sending missiles to Cuba took root in Khrushchev's mind. The men were discussing the threat posed by the short flight time of US Jupiter missiles deployed in Turkey, which needed about 10 minutes to land in the Soviet Union, as well as the disparity in number of warheads between the Soviet Union and the West. As Khrushchev put it, he saw the deployment of Soviet missiles in Cuba as "putting one of our hedgehogs down the Americans' trousers."

The origin of the Cuban Missile Crisis lay in Operation Anadyr, their plan to covertly deploy fifty thousand personnel and their heavy weapons to Cuba by sea. Anadyr remains a masterpiece of operational security. Even the name Anadyr itself, referencing a river in Russia, was meant to deflect attention from its actual goals. Soviet diplomats prepared a cover story by boasting of a major civilian development program in Cuba. Meanwhile, orders for the troop deployments were transmitted by courier, and ship captains did not learn about their actual destination until they were given letters by KGB agents at sea.

A total of eighty-six Soviet ships transferred an entire motorized rifle division to Cuba, as well as forty MiG-21 jet fighters, two anti-aircraft divisions with SA-2 surface-to-air missiles, sixteen ballistic missile launchers loaded to fire R-12 and R-14 missiles, six Il-28 jet bombers, and twelve FROG-3 tactical ballistic missile systems. The last three systems came with their own nuclear warheads.

The troops and equipment were mostly concealed from sight on the ships, though U.S. Navy aircraft spotted some transports. On the whole, however, the Soviet deception was a remarkable success.
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/brg/ - BATTLE RIFLE GENERAL - Forbidden Fruit Edition

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Post and discuss self-loading military firearms chambered in full-power rifle cartridges. Semi-automatic sporting arms chambered in full-power rifle cartridges may play too, as long as you are NICE to people.

OLD: >>46589528

To all first time BRfrens: most BRs are about the same in terms of performance, go with whatever choice tickles your fancy the most. Do not go for the cheapest option; if you want to buy cheap shit, /arg/ is around the corner.

AR-10s and SCARs do have soul, but are easier to render soulless by bad owners. Do your part, keep your rifle tasteful!

Import bans are the big gay.
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Joint Warrior Thread #2 - Getting the band back together

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Carrier Strike Group for NATO strike carrier groupex and Joint Warrior 2020 confirmed. This will likely be the same group heading to the South China Sea next year (although i'd guess with a different US vessel)

HMS Queen Elizabeth
HMS Kent
HMS Northumberland
HMS Diamond
HMS Defender
Unspecified UK SSN
RFA Tideforce
RFA Fort Victoria
HNLMS Evertsen
USS The Sullivans

More ships will be taking part once Joint Warrior commences later this month and will likely be operating as a hostile force for the carrier strike group.
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/gq/ - Gear Queer

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Remember to Train Edition

>General Guide

Previous: >>46614568
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>which is better?

Germany, France, Norway all just adopted piston rifles. US special forces seem to really like the 416 and the MK18. New Zealand just adopted a DI gun. Seems as though in terms of preference it’s pretty even, so are there any objective tangible benefits to one versus the other?
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Navy special forces

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Why do Navies need special forces unit? Land warfare is the domain and jurisdiction of the Army. The Navy's job is to sail and fight shits at sea. Thats it. It may be a redundant thing now days but thats not an excuse for Maritime forces pushing their own sailors in camo bullshit. Outside of specialist diving and demolition units there sno need for navies to have offensive commando units whos job is to spend 90% of time on land competing with the Army for missions.

Honestly Anything that the SEAL, SBS, Commandos Marine can be done their nations respective Army SF units.
>Muh interoperability
Cry me a river. Its not hard to stick some soldiers on a ship or a submarine for a little while. Why keep units around for the sake of prestige and because some guys want to do soldier shit but wear a Navy dress uniform?

Same thing applies to Air Force special operations units.