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Russia vs China

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if these two had a war (no nukes) on which one would you bet on?
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Does any suppressor manufacturer other than Surefire have similar guarantees regarding point of impact shift?
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embarrassing stories

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Anyone have any embarrassing firearm-related stories to tell? i'll start. wont greentext because im a lazy sadsack

Back in 2014 I got a Chiappa 1887 (like the one from terminator) because ever since i seen the move i wanted one. I think i got it off of a brownells website. anyway when i got it i treated it like royalty. cleaned it, polished it, shot it anytime i went to the range. A month after i got it i went out to shoot with some pals. when we got there i showed them the 1887 and they thought it was neat yet pointless gun to own. when they said "pointless" I said "does THIS look pointless?". Then I one handed it and fired it. Beforehand I looked at them and said "i'll be back". needless to say i tore up my right wrist and had to go to the E.R. They now call me "The Tardinator" whenever i mention the gun.
I want someone to relate but nobody should deserve my fate. no one should be called "The Tardinator". Anyway post your stories


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because the other one died, post your crazy autistic fantasy aircraft

does anyone know how the hell to use all the GPS guidance and laser guided stuff in BDArmory? I can't figure it out for the life of me.
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Girls and guns thread?
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WebM Thread

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/akg/ AK General

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AK General /akg/
Pile On Edition
>Thread #43

Old thread here >>31062907
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lets break this video down and see what she could of done better
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You know he isn't your friend.
You know he isn't your ally.

Why not give the John Brown Gun Club a try? Come hang out and see if you like it. It's a group of patriotic working-class people like you who are fed up with the right's attempts to take away your guns and rights for the sake of their corporate masters. We believe in Marx's idea that the proletariat should not be disarmed. Free your mind from the prison of two ideas and give us a chance.
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Refugee crisis coming from r/weekendgunnit

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Prepare to get an influx of refuge Redditors
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