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How is he right about everything?

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>It has already been twenty-five years since the broadcast of First Gundam.
>I'm afraid the legacy of Gundam dwindled down to the mobile suits, in the form of plastic models as a business and military hobbyism. Even these mobile suits were summarized down to protagonist mecha, Gundam, so that friend and foe alike were all uniformly Gundams. One could say this was inevitable: the pivotal creation that made Gundam a classic and drives the franchise expansion to this day is, of course, the mobile suit, represented by the RX-78 Gundam, weapon bearing the elements of a character; and the way of the world is that characters are what ultimately remain with the audience.
It's not a bad thing. I simply find it unfortunate that the Tale that enveloped the worldview and ideas on war presented in First Gundam ceased to function as anything more than device for the mobile suit fantasy.

>In recent years, in the world of anime and manga too, the hollowing out of mainstream culture and putative rise of subculture severely diluted and eroded the standing of the Tale.
>Audience have come to need a work only as an escape from reality, as an comfortable dream, judging everything on the criterion of moe, while creators' intellectual paucity and the jumble of trivial touches have encouraged that structure. At the same time, TV-type mass consumption, which prizes instant gratification and simplistic results, laid the impoverished grounds of contemporary Japanese entertainment, giving rise to masses that can only respond with praise for superficial details and technical proficiency; with tears, laughter, fear, or some other outpouring of simple emotions; or with identifying and particularism.
>And here we are, in this stagnant state of affairs. I am stuck here myself. It's embarrasing and frustrating, and I also regret that I contributed to it.
>I want it fixed. The sooner, the better.

Best toku songs?

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IMO Goggle V BGM is just great. I got it in FLAC and it sounds awesome.

Goggle V - Opening


Goggle V - Shutsugeki! Goggle Robo
Also Metalder has a very nice OST. I got it in FLAC too, sounds absolutely great!!!!!!!!

Metalder Ending song:

Also Metalder has a great battle BGM:
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i'm a gundam

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Godzilla vs. Kong Spoilers

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The movie is more Science Fiction and Horror than the previous films; the film(GvK) feels like a merging of Alien(Horror) and Aliens(Scifi/Action).

Running time is under but around two hours.

The Playmates toyline is pretty spot on in terms of recreating scenes with the figures.

Several new Titans and and returning ones, Rodan is briefly mentioned about going into hibernation, No Mothra.
New Titans include: Warbat(Nozuki), a giant praying mantis with a cone like head, a Sphinx looking monster, a sea serpent and a couple I cant really pinpoint a origin.

All shared moments with Godzilla and Kong:
Aircraft carrier (Fight 1, around 2-3 minutes.)
Hong Kong (Fight 2, around 5 minutes, no cuts; straight monster action.)
Hollow Earth (Weakened Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla, Kong shows up after Godzilla is about to be killed.)
Hollow Earth(2) (Godzilla and Kong vs. Mechagodzilla)
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Hey /m/

We're playing against /lit/ at the 4chan Summer Cup in a bit. /m/ has already qualified for the knockouts but we still playing for the top of the group.

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Sad News

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Hey memory of /m/, one of the Spaceboots here, and I got the sad news today that another of our number has died. Johnny was fascinated by the crazy fanfiction I showed him. Old Spaceboots legends like Comicsnix and Abraxas got dredged up (shoutout to Rob Bricken) from the mists of time and lived again as the disbelieving look on his face. He loved "Doomsday Womb" in particular, and wrote his own Nth part to "Tears of a Steel Moon," which pitted Brain from Inspector Gadget against Psycho Nautilus, and also explored the creepy home life of Lando Calrissian and Ranka Lee. He mentioned "Nukie" every chance he could. He had an infectious laugh, as they say. He will be missed dearly.

Honor him! Watch a bad movie or read a crossover fanfic selected at random! Write something and don't stop for anything!
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Gundam Build Divers Re:Rise Discussion Thread

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Episode 21:


Hinata and Hiroto confirmed bros (and endgame). Next episode, Mizuki fights everyone and bird-san may or may not die. 4 episodes to go until Build Divers Season 3 is announced.
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My favorite piece of gundam media is F91. I love it.

What does that say about me?
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/m/ Force Chronicle # 0

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Alright gentle/m/en, lets start a force.

How should we name it?
What would our aesthetic be?
What custom, or even straight build will you use?
What uniform should we have?
What will be our motto?
What is our mission?

let's go, boy!
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The time has come to settle the debate about Evangelion once and for all.
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