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>The mods are power tripping again
Where can I go? I'm tired of this subreddit-tier website
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Why haven't you left 4chan?

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Why are you still here, /qa/non?.
I came back from a "hiatus" to make a post in one of the few boards I've been browsing the past two years, and after 30 minutes of browsing this site, I noticed leaving 4chan was easier than staying.
I've been a member of this place for years, but let's be honest with ourselves, we all hate it here, 4chan is a husk of what it used to be, quality of posting, moderation and anons have fell and it will only get worse.
So, why are you still here, my fellow friend? We both know your mental health will get better once you leave, we both know you'll be a happier person once you finally stop browsing this godforsaken blue hellhole, we both know that you'll be a better version of yourself without 4chan keeping you down.
It's time for us to move on Anon, let's go to greener pastures together.
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Why is "delete /pol/" a controversial take?
Either 4chan kills /pol/ or /pol/ kills 4chan, an 8chn will happen sooner than later and the best way to avoid it is either to separate /pol/ from 4chan or completely destroy it.
Literally nothing is stopping some looney from just going full Murrican and shooting up a place while heavily linking himself to 4chan, or a ring of pedozoonecros being found to operate or sharing content here, and unlike Facebook or Twitter this place doesn't have the backup or "importance" in the internet to stay afloat.

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How uncommon is it in the western world to not have a bath installed? Am I poor because I don’t have a bath or a home computer?

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I've just heard my voice in record and I'm such a shitty talker. My voice is disgusting, I repeat a lot of unnecessary words like "like", I have crappy timber.
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