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how do you reply to posts you find funny?

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pic related, I used to use lol and lmao around the 2012's, then kek when it was popular around 2014, but stopped once /pol/ kekistan cancer started infecting the site in 2016
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Wojak posters

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Can something be done about wojakposters who copy the previous post and quote it verbatim only attaching some badly edited wojak?

it is really getting out of hand along with those short one line/word posts (seethe, cope, tranny, have sex, dilate).
I suppose the former is harder to deal with except manually but could word filters be added for the latter, likely based on post length?
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Ban Kpop general from /mu/

Bring back /l/

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Bring back /l/
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4chan Happenings Thread

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ITT: Interesting and unusual stuff that's happening on the boards you visit.

Previous Thread: >>3040960
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>post thread
>someone copies my thread and spams it
>get banned for flooding
What the heck. I've never had to appeal a ban before. Anyone else have this happen to them? It's smart, I'll give it that.
It was just a work IP so it's not a big deal but I'm still upset this can happen.


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Discuss the board. Hiro allows it, go do clean up somewhere else, Janitors.
Is this board beyond saving, bros?
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The state of /asp

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What's the point of this board anymore. You can't have any other non-wrestling related threads without people on this board bumping you off. Please move wrestling to /tv

Test Thread

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Test Thread
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