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>spinoff weab still so fucking ass blasted he comes here to flood the catalog with soijaks in order for mods to ban soijak from this board
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You ban 16 friends, what do you get?
Another dead board but hegemony kept.
St. Asuka don't you call me, you know the story
the /qa/ communinity went to kissu dot moe

and gets aren't important
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What'd you all think of Oreimo? I loved it and thought that, besides the ending, it was constantly enjoyable.

Also these two were the best girls, with right being just a bit better than left.
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Is he 4chan culture? It’s been almost a decade.
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get pissed on lol
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So this is Hiro, huh...

4chan Happenings Thread

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/biz/ is fast as fuck Edition.
ITT: interesting and unusual stuff that's happening on the boards you visit.

Previous thread: >>3359956
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A link to the soijak schizo discord server just got posted on /tv/.
>'raid' channel
>think this is going to be the juicy secrets
>last post is from fucking august
Honestly this is just genuinely sad. This guy is just sad.
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Meta thread about the state of the board

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First, I'd like to begin by issuing a request to all board members. Please do not post pictures of girls as attention grabbing images for a thread. Lots of us on this board get very uncomfortable when we see a picture of a girl, and sometimes we get very sad. So please, be empathetic and consider this...
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