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>About to take a shower
>Sudden idea pops into head
>Lay down in the bath tub
>Pee all over my chest and legs
>Dick gets incredibly hard
>Masturbate to the thought of a woman wetting herself in front of me
I don't like where this is going.

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What's the difference between the kind of woman that gets disgusted by beta nerds, and the kind of woman that enjoys relentlessly teasing them and getting them hopelessly horny?

/r9gay/ #1

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All other /r9gay/ threads are FAKE and created by STR8OIDS who want to keep you LONELY.

This thread was created by a magical wizard who has enchanted the thread with good luck, there is too much bad energy contained in the old /r9gay/ threads so it's time for a MAGICAL REVIVAL.

If you're gay, chances are your bf is waiting in this very thread. The boy of your dreams will be posting in THIS VERY THREAD!

/r9gay/ #1 is the NUMBER 1 (ONE) place for gay robots to find love! Not just any love, but the love of their life.

You won't be lonely for long, posting in this thread.
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>be azn with a normal sized dick
>fucks like a 2 inch baby cocl anyways

azn boys are betas to the core.
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Are femanons into incest?
Do most girls know that their brothers probably has sexual fantasies about them. He probably jerks off to your panties too.
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Femanons who don't have bangs, why?

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It's a very simple thing to do and it completely transforms you. I've seen girls go from meh to gorgeous just by leaving bangs. Every girl should have them. It looks horrible when girls tie their hair into ponytail without a single strand of hair in the front, it makes their heads look like fish (the ears being the fins and the ponytail being the tail)
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/r9gay/ #1224

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actually correct edition what the hell

previous: >>61217963
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did you try this app? what was your experience like?
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It's that time of the year again, the /britfeel/ annual easter egg hunt begins. There will be 1 extra special post in the thread and whoever finds it gets a treat.
Good luck.
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What would femalems do if I was standing at your door with my hands handcuffed behind my back and no clothes on in the middle of the night? Asking for a friend of course.