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why was internet culture so much comfier in the 2000-2010 decade? it seemed more fun and trolly.
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Australian thread: finally Friday edition

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Just about to play some vidya. How was this week for you auabots?
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Why aren't you living in the woods yet?

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>No faggots
>No females
>No roasties
>No degeneracy
>Don't need to wage slave
>Get to make based bear friends
>Can live like the unabomber
Why haven't you taken the woods pill yet?
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Weekly Family Thread

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Ask for advice, share stories, give advice, the usual. Keep it generally family-related.

Archive(still not updated)-
https://pastebin.com/3G5CJ4xZ (embed)

Previous Thread-
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Normies vs Autists - war of the worlds

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>sperg, just see yourself as a weirdo thats not compatible with the human experience. dont be mad that your brain is faulty

Why is the Internet full of hate towards robots? The faulty brain theory triggers me so bad because normies are the ones with the lower IQ and less flexible brain. They're like trains just going forward and they say this is how a brain should function. Autists are creative and wander around, discovering new things, things that scare normies. They say that this meandering is a fault not a gift. But who makes all the inventions? Autists.

Waifu General - /waifu/

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Winding through the mead with waifu.

1. Let waifuism improve your life
2. Be polite
3. Hide drama/shitposting
4. Be respectful of others and their waifus

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I'm blooming!
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Have you ever rejected someone you actually had feelings for?
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Got this Fender Champion 40 amp in the mail yesterday.
Started a new job and this is my first purchase since then.
Im a pretty set it and forget it player who wanted something that seemed solid and versatile enough.
How do you guys think I did?

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>Welcome to your first day on the job, anon. Say hi to your coworker. Your job will be to check for errors in the code with her.

How do you respond?