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r/IncelTear gets 15 year old kid beaten up irl over a joke

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The boy posted a rape joke on a forum and got doxxed for it by IncelTear members, they contacted people in his area and made him get beat up by several people aswell as get death threats by friends.
Reddit prohibits doxxing and yet allow this shit.
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What's up my druggie bros, what are y'all gettin high on today?
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Secret to being hot for girl

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>Be under 140 lbs
>dye your hair blonde
Why aren't you blondemaxxing fembots?
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Fembots, please describe the reasons you cheat on your boyfriend.
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The coronavirus hysteria will go down in history as the most depraved example of media malfeasance of all time.

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Do you think people can be forgiven?
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How am unironically supposed to deal with the fact that trannies can sometimes look 100% as attractive as real females? Pic rel. face-wise is it identical to a bio female - an attractive one at that.
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weather looks grim again edition
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How are you guys holding up? 28 here with no friends. Feel like I wasted my life playing video games. Now I just work 24/7 and sleep. Making money for nothing really because I have nothing to spend it on besides mindlless consuming.
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look at this shit

the faggot little kid got to fuck her https://twitter.com/Cinnpie/ and eat her out and all that, man fuck this world. WHY NOT ME
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