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>We're two guys who think the PS2 will NEVER be retro!

How do you feel about the retro VGM "restoration" meme

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AKA people with too much free time using ripped sequences from retro games and adding in the original samples and synths to make it "HD".

Personally, I think it sounds worse, but that might be my bias.

The PS2 homebrew scene is fucked

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Why does OPL suck?
>need to use SMB or HDD to have any semblance of compatibility
>need to have dozens of different versions installed for specific games like Ace combat 5
>Klonoa 2 doesn't work
>Outrun 2006 randomly freezes
>Tales of the abyss randomly freezes
>VMCs are a pain in the ass to setup and will randomly corrupt
>Sly 1 has broken physics (not OPL's fault though it's impossible to run off an HDD because it uses the PS1 cpu)
>most english patches don't work
>STILL no proper way to play PS1 games on the only other console that can output them in 240p
>We literally only got a method to install fmcb off a burned disk for PS2 slims this year, 20 years after the console released.
I appreciate the effort and as a whole, OPL is amazing and many hard to find games work well, but fuck is this really the best we can do for the best selling console of all time?
Again don't get me wrong, I didn't have to buy a rotting disk of God hand or Silent Hill 2 and I'm very grateful for that. It also saves consoles with broken disk drives from getting binned which is nice.
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If you just want to play games should you switch to emulation or is hardware still worth it? I have a pretty good PC and figure I can just emulate everything but I'm not sure if I'd missing playing on real hardware. It seems most of the games I want to play are greater than $100.
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Does anyone else think the GBA was a bit of a step down in some ways? No backlight for the first edition, graphics worse than SNES's, chiptunish music and a majority of games using pre-rendered/isometric graphics?
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huh, they sure don't feel retro
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It's not just playable, it's good.
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I want to see if I understand this Dreamcast-through-VGA thing properly and what I need to do in order not to get caught out unexpectedly.

Dreamcast games fall into one of three categories:

1. Game works through VGA and looks amazing
2. Game can be forced to work through VGA by tricking it
3. Game doesn't work via VGA period

What's the best kind of VGA box to buy (that's readily available)? Do you need another kind of video connector for the games in the third category or is there more workarounds out there for that situation? If you do need another video connector, what's the best kind to get that also works with an OSSC?

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Which part of the 2000s was better for gaming?
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/crtg/ - CRT General

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I recently picked up a Sony GDM-FW900.

After I plug the VGA input, am I just supposed to configure the resolution/refresh rate preset, image position, and colors as I like them?

The auto-configure doesn’t center the image (the bottom is cut off) nor does it stretch the image to the max size possible (but still respecting the ratio), that’s why I’m asking.

Other people with the same monitor could you tell me if it’s normal or if your monitor behaves the same?
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