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Tifa: Caring, introverted, loyal type
Aeris: Careless, extroverted, flirty type

Final Fantasy VII is the perfect example of "Clothes Make the Man" (or woman in this case)
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Post your favorite NES games that can still be enjoyed today. No obvious choices/ NES TOP 50 GAMES OF ALL TIME, please.
So far I had an awesome time with:
Panic Restaraunt
3 Eyes
Zen Intergalactic Ninja
Power Blade 2
Doki! Doki! Yuuenchi
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>Thinkeng about all the arcade games lost in time forever
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Rate my 1st ever mod.

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Learning Japanese with retro games

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What are the best PC-Engine games for people who are learning Japanese?
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What retro fan translations are you waiting for? Which do you want?
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When's the last time you had your friends come over to play vidya? Any memorable stories?
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Why did Quad polygons didn't caught on?
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ITT: things you don't miss about retro gaming

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Or "ways that modern technology makes retro gaming better"
Personally, I don't miss wired controllers at all. I disliked them even when wireless wasn't an option. Good riddance.
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Can this be salvaged?

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