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Song mashups? Song mashups.
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tiktok thread !
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Warfare Thread \ War Webm thread

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Last one reached 150 limit, new material welcome, no wargroove/robot music that shit sucks
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Feel pain in this thread.
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soft rekt

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soft rekt no blood just people getting fucked over
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Trump winning 2020
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post spooky webms

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Anime Thread 516

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Aviation General

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Welcome to the /wsg/ Aviation General Thread.

Post anything to do with aviation. GA, military, helicopters, anything that get's us from A to B through the skies.

I'll kick things off with three vids. Happy Flying.
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Nature in its Wonder

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Anything natural disaster-esque including bad weather, lightning, floods, rough seas, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes, avalanches, glacial calving/icebergs etc.
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